Future Optics set up a joint R&D center of micro-optics products with China Jiliang University, and continue innovation in the field of machine vision, light energy transmission, spectral analysis, medical industry testing and precision measurement.  

       Future Optics' R&D center has obtained a number of core invention patents in related fields Free space WDM mux demux device, BIDI transceiver and building surface crack measurement.

      Future Optics' R&D center is equipped with Laser holographic imaging test platform, Lighting distribution test equipment, Contact and non-contact precision test equipment, Optical design and simulation software system and Thermal & mechanical performance reliability analysis software system.

R&D Laboratory Showcase


   Laser holographic imaging  platform                                    Non-contact precision test equipment


     Contact precision test equipment                           Optical design and simulation software system

R&D Achievement Display

                                            Design of industrial cameras with high resolution optical system

                                                              Free-form lens designed with meshing method

Optimization design of LD edge radiation

Fly-eye and Fresnel’s optics system

Optimized design: uniform lighting (90.6% consistency)